Super Mario Revived

Super Mario Revived

Super Mario Revived: just 3 levels, very difficult levels to play
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License type: Freeware

Super Mario Revived is fan made game which is a lot smaller and slightly more complicated in comparison to classic Mario games. It consists of three levels only, all of which come with a surprise.
The adventure of this game will end on the third level when you face and defeat Bowser. As it was mentioned before, the game is very short, and the surprise is that the levels are nearly ten times more complicated than in any other Mario game. Yes, the landscape is till the same, but the gravity is different and the enemies are more resistant, much faster, and some of them are even impossible to destroy.

Usually Mario is able to kill or at least stun them a bit, but this time you can't even touch them because you will die instantly. You will notice the game begins with 30 lives being granted to you, which sounds like a bit too many, but once you begin to play you'll see those 30 lives are not going to be enough.

The second level will be hellish literally speaking, several enemies throw fire and will burn you in a heartbeat if you're not careful. And the third level... you better see it for yourself.

Super Mario Revived includes the usual classic Mario music, and it's controlled with the arrows keys and the space bar. It's a really simple program with great difficulty and healthy entertainment.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining and healthy
  • Very funny to see people trying


  • Very frustrating if you get killed more than 15 times
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